Old Mother Chaos (oldmotherchaos) wrote,
Old Mother Chaos

New Web Home!

Hey folks.

I've started work on an epic, dark urban fantasy vampire novel. To help keep myself on the straight and narrow whilst working on it, I've set up a blog -- talking about writing of course, but also about myth, legend, odd stuff, vampires/fantasy/sf/horror, and other hopefully interesting bits and pieces.

It's a bugger trying to get a new site established, so although I admit I've got absolutely no grounds to ask, I'd consider it a significant favour (in the Neverwhere sense *grin*) if you'd drop on by, have a look, and if you like what you see, spread the word a bit.

The site is called Ghostwoods.

And thank you. If you leave me a note here or a message on the site with some reciprocal pimping that I can do, I'll return the favour.

In other news, my arthritis is slowly coming under control thanks to large doses of an immune-suppressant drug. I'm no longer feeling -- or considering myself -- disabled, just creaky and a bit ouchy. This is a massive step forward, and a large part of the reason I'm able to get back to actually doing something productive. No idea how long it'll last, but hell, any good week is one extra good week I wouldn't have had, so I'm hugely grateful. My brother is doing well too, out in Oz, so that's another former concern laid to rest. So, touch wood, things are on a bit of an upswing at the moment.
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