Old Mother Chaos (oldmotherchaos) wrote,
Old Mother Chaos

The first steps towards Gibson's vision of cyberspace have finally been taken.

Virtual Philadelphia is a full simulation of the city centre. It's true to life (albeit with graphics that most computers will be able to handle easily), with links through to street businesses, historical and tourist sites, B2B organisations, official data and so on. Some of these are just web pages, but others are actual internal virtual recreations, photos and/or video tours. Other people's avatars are shown, so you can see and interact with other visitors, sales reps and so on. There are even options to show future planned construction in place of current landscape, and to link in the city's own street cameras to give you a real window on the virtual view.

Other communities seem likely to follow suit, particularly if people get behind the idea of providing useful info to go with the more obviously commercial side. Then, when they link up, Gibson's vision will just be pretty much complete. I recommend watching both videos on the link above -- I was particularly amused by the threatening music on the main demo reel!

You can download the app here.
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