Old Mother Chaos (oldmotherchaos) wrote,
Old Mother Chaos

The father of psychic questing!

I've been lucky enough to score an in-depth interview with Andrew Collins, the godfather of psychic questing and one of the UK's leading mysteries researchers. He talks about the hidden caverns he's discovered under the plateau of Giza in Egypt, possibly linking the pyramids to the Sphinx -- along with the odd role of Cygnus in the development of world religion, psychic questing, his famous Green Stone quest, the Biblical Nephilim, crop circles, the Morphians that influence reality, and all sorts of other great stuff. If you're interested, it's up on Ghostwoods: http://www.ghostwoods.com/2009/07/an-interview-with-andrew-collins-pt-1-200.

Round 4 of the Great Game is also open at Ghostwoods -- please drop by, cast your vote, and help me decide how the story develops next :)

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