Old Mother Chaos (oldmotherchaos) wrote,
Old Mother Chaos

Wrestling with the web

After a surprisingly nasty little fight with a nested wordpress install and a range of different specialist plugins, I've managed to set up a web-comic style page within my blog to host the Great Game. Partly I wanted to do this so that there was one URL people could go to for the latest installment, and partly because I felt the Game was cluttering up the rest of my blog a bit.

So I'm now running one copy of Wordpress within a folder of another copy of Wordpress. Whee! Says a lot for its versatility, though.

The new drop-site for the Great Game is now http://www.ghostwoods.com/greatgame.

If you've got about 30 seconds to go check it out, I'd appreciate your thoughts on how it all looks, because I had to use totally different style themes!

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