Old Mother Chaos (oldmotherchaos) wrote,
Old Mother Chaos

So what is this Great Game thing I've been on about, anyway?

'The Great Game' is a work of interactive fiction, a particpatory story where you're in charge of what happens next. I write a bit. You tell me what happens next, then I go off and write that, and give you your next choice.

I'll let the narrator sum up the story:

"I woke up in a deserted hotel, a bit like the Marie Celeste. I was trying to find someone -- anyone -- when a guy wearing a very odd outfit popped out of nowhere. He babbled a bit at me, and then dazzled me with some sort of laser. Okay, okay, so maybe I deserved it. Anyway, I blacked out. When I came round, the place was busy, my eyes had turned from brown to pink, and outside the window... well. I'm not thinking about that. We're God-knows-where.

I've formed a tentative alliance with a woman in a business suit, Alice, who claims the hotel changes layout, and is home to people from all over time and space. I suspect she's right. She thinks she's being hunted by killers, so we're trying to get some information on them.

I'm about to attempt to bluff some out of a guy dressed like a Victorian gentleman. He has a blood-red top hat, a monocle that appears to be carved from pure shadow, and a huge wolf on a silver chain. What could possibly go wrong?"

The story continues here.

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