Old Mother Chaos (oldmotherchaos) wrote,
Old Mother Chaos

Decisions, decisions...

My online audience-participation story 'The Great Game' is being rebooted, with fresh characters and an all-new story.

For those of you who aren't sure what I'm on about, 'The Great Game' could be described as interactive fiction, or collaborative story-telling, or as being a bit like those old 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books, except with your very own pet writer scuttling off to write up the results of whatever option you pick after each section. It's all robin_d_laws 's fault.

Unfortunately, the choices people picked in the last story managed to lead the character and his friends to a really horrible doom. Yay!

In keeping with the whole 'you tell me what happens next' theme, you get to choose what genre/setting the new story will be.

So if you think you might be interested, this would be a really good opportunity to go check the whole thing out, and get involved in the story right from the beginning.

What's your favourite style of fiction?

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