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World War III: Be All That You Can Be

The Honest Book of Lies

Old Mother Chaos
31 December 1969
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Hi, I'm Tim, and I write books. It's not much of a living -- only the very misguided become authors to make money -- but on those days when it all comes together, and characters are there in your mind showing you what they're doing, and the words seem to be coming from somewhere else entirely, just flowing through you like lightning... well, then there's no feeling like it on or off Earth. On other days of course, it's like banging your head against a stone wall repeatedly and hoping the stains form some words.

Have no doubt. I'm writing's bitch.
I also do editing, game design and the odd bit of copywriting.

I'm more or less English and 40ish, and like to do my best to be kind & open-minded. My imagination tends towards the hairy, and if I don't feed it regularly, it gets stroppy and starts leaping out at innocent passers-by.

I twitter at @ghostwoods, and have a blog at http://www.ghostwoods.com

I'm back in London nowadays.

I will not stand for this


PS: My surname, if you care, is Dedopulos, and yes, my father was Greek. There's a long story there somewhere, allegedly stretching back to Merovingian France, which I won't bore you with here.